18 Farndale Avenue, Osbaldwick, York, YO10 3NY

01904 413 143

Current Arrangement

Face Covering Compulsory

Opening Hours

Sunday, Monday & Wednesday 5pm-10pm

Thursday 5pm-11pm

Friday & Saturday 4.30pm-11pm 

Day off every Tuesday as usual
Open on Bank Holidays

LAST ORDER will be 15 mins before NORMAL OPENING HOURS.

We are a family and best friends run Chinese takeaway & delivery. We focus on our neighbourhood Osbaldwick in YORK UK. We also delivery to Heworth, Tang Hall, Heslington, Dunnington and certain areas in YORK. 

With over 30 years of experiences combined, we believe that our cooking worth you return for another time. We are very proud in our dishes. Hope you will too.

* We can cater for very special request meals during NON-Busy Hours*

Allergens Warnings Please note that Chinese Cooking mostly involve celery, gluten, crustaceans, egg, fish, molluscs, nuts, peanuts, sesame, soya, prawns, oysters, sulphur dioxide, preserving agent & wine.  Please tell us in advance if you are allergic to anything. Thank you.
Ingredients with allergens are handled in this establishment. There is a high risk of cross contamination. If you are very or extremely sensitive to certain allergen(s), please do not order from this premise. This is for your own safety. We do not want you to die .

And ingredients from our suppliers change from time to time. Even though we try to keep the ingredient and allergen records up to date, we cannot guarantee 100% correct. Therefore, it is always the best approach to tell us your allergy and how serious or severe  it is every time when you ordering.


Because allergens are being handled in the same premises with other ingredients, or being cooked in the same oil fryer, there is a high chance of cross contamination. If you are severe allergic to certain allergens, please do not order from this premise.


For details on the ingredients in the meals, please refer to our Allergens & Gluten Free Information pack in the shop, or you can download it from below

File to downloads

Common Q&A Download Pack Version June 2017
How to REHEAT our meals Click Here

How to reuse our takeaway containers Click Here

Return & Refund Policy Click here

Right to Call in Police for Help Click here

 Please tell us how strict your meaning of 'Vegetarian'

 When we refer to 'Vegetarian' in our Menu, 

it means no 'meat', in which include chicken, beef and pork.

 But exclude molluscs, prawns, fish and egg

So if you cannot have molluscs, prawns, fish or egg, please kindly advise us when ordering.

Minimum Cashless payment amount : £17.50

Delivery Order: Free card payment for Knock and Drop delivery (over the phone when ordering)

Walk in order: Prefer CASH because this can minimize the contact time between our server and the customer. So that to protect the other customers. Also please maintain 1m distance. Please feel free to use the disinfectant when you arrive at the shop. If you are ill, please do not come to the shop to order food . Thank you for understanding.

Note 1: Card payment on arrival is not too good in takeaway business because it will prolong the time serving. So if you come to shop and order, that will be best to have cash in hand. Many thanks for understanding.

Note 2: Because there are many other small steps have been added into the food preparation and serving and delivering processes, the time for waiting may be slightly longer than usual. Please kindly understand. Many thanks

Note 3 Physical Card payment : We use Paypal Here as the payment middleman, and it need to key in your card details one by one by hand, so it takes some time. Please be patience. Thanks a lot.

Note 4 (New) minimum spend £17.50

ApplePay or Contactless Payments ;

QR payment via Paypal APP

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Small Bone & Shell Warning Although we try our very best, for some dishes, there may still have a small chance of containing small bone or shell. Please be alert. Dishes like those contain prawns and chicken and other meat. 

Snowing / Frosting Season Warning Due to the seasonal changes, the floor inside the shop and the area outside the shop may be very slippery due to snowing and frosting. Customers coming to pick up meals or ordering meals are advised to take extra care to ensure their safety. We are not responsible for any personal injuries due to these reasons or similar reasons.

Floor / pavement slippery Warning (In shop/ on the way to shop) Customers are advised to take extra care to their personal safety due to slippery floor and pavement inside or outside the shop. Slippery floor or pavement can be caused by the following reason(s): Cleaning of the floor, wet weather like raining, snowing or frosting. We are not responsible for any personal injuries due to these reasons or similar reasons.

Uneven road/floor surface Warning  Customers are advised to take extra care to their personal safety due to uneven road surface or kerbside outside the shop; and floor inside the shop. We are not responsible for any personal injuries due to these reasons or similar reasons 

All Items subject to availability

Management reserves the right to serve